About Us

Since our inception we strongly believe in committing ourselves to quality in each and every aspect.

From decades we at SS Properties aim at delighting each and every customer by taking care of all minute details with loving attention and care.We are amongst the few to possess a skill set in developing all aspects of real estate.

Our properties are not just structures built on a piece of land; they are new-age architecture excelled to perfection.

We develop abodes that meet the homebuyers’ full spectrum of lifestyle needs. A pioneer of innovative community-living concepts, is what we stand for.

The concept behind every home at SS Properties is to create an environment that the resident can truly call their own. To make this a reality SS Properties has put great thought into designing spaces and furnishing that is intelligent in design and appealing to those who use it.

Intelligent design forms the backbone of this principle, with flowing spaces seamlessly merging to provide residents a welcome reprise from conformity and clutter. SS Properties has not aimed to create a landmark with this venture, SS Properties stands to show that the charms of Manipal can harmoniously co-exist with modern design.